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As members of the history of Kelvin, we welcome you (kelvin or not) to leave a comment and tell us what you think of the website. If you have any questions we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions for the future of the website we will work with you to see what we can do for it. Otherwise, if you simply just want to let us know how your experience on the website was, we most definitely want to hear!

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Raymond Sokalski - 02/11/2016

Thought you wonderful scholars should see this: he is a KELVIN grad!

Janet - 23/10/2016

Highly engaging website! An inspiring template for history, memory and community. Congratulations to all involved. You must be proud of the considerable feat of research and sharing made possible through your work. The value of these connections is extraordinary! Keep up the good work. It's an impressive past, indeed!

John Snow - 08/04/2016

Where is Mr. Fred Smith? A principal for several years who apparently started class act!

Dana - 12/12/2015

Really awesome! This website seems to have exceeded my expectations of how it was to be presented. The photos in the gallery have been well chosen and overall its easy to navigate with the site. With the "About us" section I don't know if its an error but either way nothing too minor :)

Grace - 28/06/2015

Awesome, awesome website, really gives Kelvin a substantial and unparalleled identity. I really enjoyed the Kelvin decades photo gallery, they give you a great sense of how (high school) society behaved, what the valued, etc. It would be really great if you could also include some primary-sourced texts by Kelvin students or teachers (articles, yearbook passages) from the particular era to further explore its culture. Also, there are some captions that seem to be cut off (see: Percy Padwick's portrait)... maybe lack of space? I'd also love to see a historical timeline of all the clubs that have been created at Kelvin, because I'm sure there have been many clubs that no longer exist. Overall, really great formatting, and superb content! :)

Mrs. D. - 24/06/2015

Great website Morgan! I attended Kelvin in the 70's and it is neat to see some of the old pictures. I was especially interested to see the picture of Jack Loree Perkins in the "Hall of Remembrance"....I recently discovered that he and I grew up in the same house on Warsaw Avenue. The original door knocker is still on the house and it is engraved with a "P" for the Perkins family. I understand that Jack was an only child, so his loss must have been particularly devastating. Many of the young men in your Hall of Remembrance are also listed on our WWI and WWII memorial wall at Earl Grey School. I think I may have a picture of Robert Riley Perry and when I get time I will try and locate it for you. I grew up several doors down from his mother. She was an amazing woman! She is the oldest graduate to have ever graduated from the U of W....she was so dedicated to getting her degree in Icelandic studies that she hitchhiked rides to the University during the bus strike in the 70's. We just celebrated our 100th anniversary at Earl Grey and several months ago I discovered a treasure trove of old pictures that had been stuck in box in the basement. We displayed them all in a memorabilia room during the reunion and I have been trying to take pictures of them all to make a digital album. Maybe someday, hopefully before I retire, I will get it done. If you are looking for another project you are most welcome to help out P.S. - I didn't see anything in the Hall of Remembrance on Frank Pickersgill...but I may have missed it and will look again. He attended both Earl Grey and Kelvin and served with the S.O.E. (Special Operations Executive) during WWII....he was executed at Buchenwald in Sept. of 1944. (There are several books written about him and there is a great 4 part documentary about the S.O.E on YouTube)

Sean Egan - 23/06/2015

Amazing to see the final results of this project. It's come a long way since those first meetings in Mr. Young's classroom after school! My only recommendation is to use images with better compression for the background. It takes like 10 seconds to load the page on lower speed networks (such as my home network).

Bailey - 23/06/2015

The website looks great! I would love to see more about kelvin alumni, their thoughts on Kelvin now, how much it has changed. Interviews with them.

Allie L - 22/06/2015

I think the site is great! Kelvin has such amazing history that if it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't have know! I would like to see a section on the history kelvin athletics.

Ian - 16/06/2015

Great site! Love the different sections and pages. Would love to see more on the war history.

John michael santa ana - 13/06/2015

It is so interesting that kelvin made this memorable website not just for the old generation that graduated from kelvin already but for those new kelvin students that will come in kelvin so they will know what kelvin really is.. For us grads of 2015 good thing it was finish because some of us still dont know what heppened to the other people who graduated here.. Im really glad im going to be an allumni here on kelvin... This website is so awesome as well because im a com sci student and this web is so organized. Everything you want to know on kelvin is here on this website. I love everything about this.. Hooray for the grads of 2015 and for the guy who made this.

Cassie C. - 13/06/2015

Absolutely incredible website, and easy to move through. It astounds me that our own students (and past) can create something so professional. Great job! Very proud of you. My only suggestion would be to have a section for Support Staff (Clerical, EAs, Custodians) as many positive Kelvin experiences are affected by those wonderful people as well <3

Georgia X. - 12/06/2015

It is so heart warming to see this website finally launched! Congratulations to everyone who worked on it! Thank you for commemorating Kelvin history! :)

Lunan Zhao - 12/06/2015

Sleek and simple. This website brings alive our past from the dustbin of history and makes us even more proud to be Kelvinites!

Marley FM - 12/06/2015

Wow, very slick website; good use of school color and fonts for consistent style!

Nada Eltobgy - 12/06/2015

I love this website! It looks very professional and it is clear that a lot of work has been put into it! Great job!

Omar Elgazzar - 09/06/2015

Great website! I love the commitment by all the students involved. I noticed there are two Mr. Mann profiles in the Teachers and Principals section but it looks like you guys already got around to fixing it. Keep up the great work, seeing all this history of my own school is touching.