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Date of Birth: 1906
Death: 1998
Graduation: null

James Gray

James Henry Gray was born in Whitemouth, Manitoba on August 31st, 1906 and died on November 12, 1998 at the age of 92 in Calgary, Alberta. He was a Canadian journalist, historian and author. Gray attended Kelvin High School until the age of sixteen when he left for a career at the Winnipeg Grain Exchange where he worked for the following eight years. The Great Depression in 1930 was the beginning of his career as a writer as he was laid off and educated himself by reading library books about politics, religion and economics. It was during this time that he dreamed of becoming a freelance writer. It was not until 1933 that Gray ultimately had his first article published, in the "Winnipeg Free Press". After another two years of determination and hard work he became a full time reporter for the newspaper in 1935. He eventually left the "Free Press" due to his disapproval of his editor’s position regarding federal agricultural subsidies. Gray then moved to Calgary, Alberta and worked for local news sources such as the "Farm and Ranch Review" and the "Western Oil Examiner". He retired in 1964 to focus on his first book, "The Winter Years". He went on to publish a progression of successful histories of Western Canada.
Gray received many accolades throughout his life such as the Historical Society of Alberta award for “outstanding contribution to Alberta history” (1967), the University of British Columbia medal for popular biography (1970), membership to the Alberta Order of Excellence (1987), membership to the Order of Canada (1988), the Pierre Berton Award for promoting Canadian history, the City of Calgary dedicated a park in his name and he also received honorary doctorates from the University of Calgary, the University of Brandon and the University of Manitoba.