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Date of Birth: 1910
Death: 1993
Graduation: 1929

Colin Gravenor

Colin Gravenor was born on May 30, 1910, in Bridgwater, England. He moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba at a very young age, and graduated from Kelvin High School in 1929. He moved to Montreal after graduating. During the Second World War, Gravenor led the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League, which sponsored people immigrating to Canada to escape the Nazis. He was a public relations agent who worked for a gossip newspaper called "Midnight". In 1956, Gravenor bought an uninhabited island called "Nun's Island". He was eventually able to sell his shares of the island for approximately two million dollars, over one million dollars more than his initial investment. Gravenor also campaigned for various causes, including protests against the marketing of cow`s milk, as he believed it was unsafe for drinking purposes. He died in Montreal on August 25, 1993.